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Home of Championship – Žalgiris Arena

2024 m. The Žalgiris Arena is a prominent multi-purpose indoor arena located on a river Nemunas island, very close to the city center of Kaunas. It serves as a renowned venue for various sports events, concerts, and entertainment shows. The arena has exceptional acoustics, modern technologies and its versatility and geographical location places the Arena on the very top in the Baltic countries. Furthermore, it is home for Žalgiris Kaunas’, the legendary basketball team. The pride of the city is playing its home games here in the most popular European League – the Euroleague. The competition venue, with an ice surface of 30 x 60 meters, is both indoor and heated with a seating capacity of around 15,500 spectators. It is also known for its commitment to sustainability. The arena utilizes advanced technologies to optimize energy consumption,including efficient lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems.

These measures help to minimize energy waste and reduce the arena’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, the Žalgiris Arena has implemented waste management strategies. It encourages recycling and proper waste segregation throughout the facility. Furthermore, the arena has taken steps to promote sustainable transportation options. It provides bicycle parking facilities and encourages visitors to use public transportation when attending events. This promotes the use of eco-friendly transportation methods and reduces the reliance on individual cars.