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second-largest city in Lithuania

Kaunas – the heart of Lithuanian figure skating

2024 m. It is a city with a fascinating history spanning hundreds of years, shaped by different eras that left lasting marks on its urban landscape.

The old town holds the Hanseatic spirit, while downtown is filled with examples of modernist architecture. The vibrant interwar period of Kaunas, nestled between the two World Wars, adds one fascinating chapter to the city’s history.

The streets of Kaunas bustled with energy as artists, writers, and thinkers flocked to the city, shaping a flourishing cultural scene. Kaunas embraced its role as the “Temporary Capital” with an infectious spirit, hosting grand events back then and is a home of a variety of festivals nowadays.

While the titular year of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022 is over, Kaunas remains full of culture, opportunities, and adventures. This event holds even greater significance as it commemorates the 100th anniversary of figure skating in Lithuania, with the inaugural figure skating event taking place in Kaunas in 1924.

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